Nude in bed: Bella Thorne "shows" her new girlfriend

              Monday, October 07, 2019

Bella Thorne calls herself pansexual, she loves people of all sexes.
(Photo: imago images / Future Image)

              Bella Thorne likes a love of three. In January, however, her last relationship ended, now she tries again with the polyamorous concept. While bringing her longtime friend to Venice, she is now presenting her new friend on Instagram.
              Bella Thorne is a great defender of free love. Not only did she make headlines recently with her pansexuality, she also delivered her first porn and leads love affairs with more than one person. After the last failed polyamorous relationship, she goes back to the whole thing again. Bella Thorne and Benji in Venice. (Photo: imago images / Future Image) At the premiere of the film "Joker" in Venice, the former Disney star with friend Benjamin Mascolo walked across the red carpet. The 26-year-old singer, part of the Italian pop duo Benji & Fede, Thorne dates back in April 2017, but always come back to other partners or partners. Most recently, Thorne had a second relationship with Tana Mongeau. However, the Youtuberin is now married to her colleague Jake Paul. "Your girls are cute" Now Thorne has once again expanded the relationship circle and brought Alex Martini on board or bed. At Instagram, she posted a photo of herself and the production assistant, whose face is not recognizable. Thorne wrote, "She's very cute, the first girl I date, the camera shit." The photo was not only commented on by Mascolo, who wrote "Your girl is cute" underneath. Even ex-girlfriend Mongeau got carried away to a comment. "Yes, Martini," she texted and was perhaps already privy to the new love. However, it is also not particularly difficult for friends of Martini to identify them, because she wears a great back tattoo that she has over the past twelve years let sting. If you look closely, you can see its outer edges. Recently, Thorne caused a sensation with the first porno film, in which she directed herself. "Him & Her" premiered at the Oldenburg Film Festival and can be viewed on the platform. On October 11, the 21-year-old is awarded the "Pornhub's Vision" Award for the film.

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