After argument with Brother Nick: Aaron Carter purifies

              Monday, October 07, 2019

Aaron Carter wants to finally make the jump from the drug and drug sump.
(Photo: imago / ZUMA Press)

              Aaron Carter has been making negative headlines for quite some time. Mental problems, drug addiction and a public dispute with Brother Nick caused a stir. But now the 31-year-old seems to want to make a turn.
              Aaron Carter and his brother Nick have not been green for a while now. Most recently, they spread their family disputes via Twitter and blamed each other. Now Aaron Carter admits to having done some wrong. In a short interview with RTL at the Los Angeles airport, the 31-year-old now said, "I should take care of myself first, be careful not to slip into addiction again!" Carter had recently admitted in a US TV show that she was suffering from mental health problems and was dependent on numerous medications. Then he shocked his fans with a new face tattoo. "Marijuana I smoke daily" His confused behavior more and more aroused the suspicion that he was again drug addicted. To refute that, Carter gave a few days ago a urine sample and filmed the whole thing on Instagram. Except for marijuana, nothing was detected in his blood. "Yeah, right, I smoke marijuana on a daily basis, and I'll do that today when I meet some guys in Canada later," he admits frankly in the interview. However, he is silent about the medications he is taking. Carter's ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina told RTL in a video interview that it was still very serious about the former child star. Anxiety solvers would have made him dependent. "For months, he has given up on pills for me, was the nicest guy in the world, dear, modest, but when he takes the pills, he becomes paranoid." He even slept with a machete next to the bed, the 29-year-old Russian artist continued. In July, the two separated after a year-long relationship. Commenting on page Six, Carter was disappointed: "I really hoped this relationship would last forever, we even talked about having children, but we could not handle our differences, and the relationship eventually became unhealthy, I've been through so much in the last few years trying to learn from my mistakes. " So far he has not succeeded, but maybe it works this time.

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