Calls for constitutional protection: AfD defensive after Halle

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                              The AfD holds her state party convention in Hesse under police protection. (Photo: imago images / Hartenfelser)               The tone of the other parties towards the AfD sharpened significantly. SPD and Union politicians make them responsible as

$ 60 Billion Monthly: US Federal Reserve Announces New Bond Purchases

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                              No new QE program? The US Federal Reserve is not supposed to support the economy but to avoid liquidity bottlenecks. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)               For the first time in over ten years, monetary authorities in

ECJ verdict hits Italy deeply: leniency for inflexible mafiosi?

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                By Andrea Affaticati, Milan                             Mafia boss Giovanni Brusca was arrested in 1996 and sentenced to 30 years in prison as "Collaboratore di giustizia". (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa / dpaweb)               The ECJ urges Italy to abolish life

Formula 1 mixed up: Does the typhoon bring the double pole to the title?

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                              If the qualifying fails, Hamilton "only" starts from second place, but could already bag the constructors' championship with colleague Bottas. (Photo: imago images / HochTwo)               Verstappen zockt Fifa, Grosjean makes model cars: Instead of driving on

Teenagers since 1979: The "Three Question Marks" Celebrate Birthday

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                              A mass phenomenon: in childhood, millions listened to the adventures of Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)               Three names that mean cult: Justus, Peter and Bob. They are the main

At least one dead man: Typhoon hits Japan with force

                           Saturday, October 12, 2019                                              The typhoon destroyed houses and cars in Japan. Torrential rain caused in places for landslides and floods. (Photo: picture alliance / Katsuya Miyagawa / Kyodo News / dpa)               With heavy rain and gale force, typhoon "Hagibis"