Bike paths too narrow ?: Number of bicycle accidents is rising

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            Bicycle traffic has increased significantly in recent years, but the infrastructure is lagging behind. The fact that more and more cyclists are pushing for limited space is reflected in the accident statistics.               On Germany's cycle paths,

Minority government conceivable: Merz advises Union to exit the GroKo if necessary

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            The new SPD chairmen Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans are known to be skeptical of the Grand Coalition. CDU man Friedrich Merz recommends his party not to wait until the junior partner terminates the alliance.               After

Recovery after volcanic eruption: Six bodies brought to naval ship

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            It is a high-risk operation for the elite soldiers of the New Zealand military: after a volcanic eruption, they remove six bodies from an island, despite the further risk of eruption. Relatives' pressure had grown too

Congress votes for resolution: USA sees Armenia massacre as genocide

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            According to the House of Representatives, the US Senate officially classifies the mass murder of Armenians around 100 years ago as a genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Turkey reacts angry and sees the US-Turkish relations damaged.

Poland stays outside: EU countries agree on climate target

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            Europe cannot curb global warming alone, but it wants to set a good example. After a long struggle, the EU countries are now setting an important goal in terms of climate protection. It is a compromise

"Zero Hour Has Arrived": Haftar Announces Battle for Tripoli

                           Friday December 13, 2019                                                            Since the death of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the situation in Libya has been chaotic and the unity government has no control over much of the country. A new level of military escalation is now imminent.               The mighty