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Car stolen: who pays for a defective ignition lock?

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                                            A stolen car will be replaced by the hull insurance. However, not with gross negligence of the policyholder. As always, these have a so-called due diligence. What happens if the car can only be started with a screwdriver?               Actually, one should think, the thing is clear: The

"Conflicts Will Increase": Are Chinese Soldiers Already in Hong Kong?

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                                            Experts suggest that the police forces of the Special Administrative Region have been infiltrated by units from the People's Republic for some time. The current brutality against the protest movement does not carry the classic handwriting of local policemen.               The short message service Twitter warns its users

Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered – The Limited Power Swede

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                                             Volvo's sporty-green corner                     Does it have to be a V60 Polestar Engineered?                                    By Holger Preiss, Frankfurt                                           Polestar has been at Volvo since time immemorial for the sporty side of the brand. This also applies in the course of the electrification of the brand. And yet

Clyde – the new Instagram star: Jennifer Aniston has a new colleague

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                                            Jennifer Aniston's latest Instagram post once again captivates her followers. The actress shares photos of her dog on the set of the "Morning Show", where she is seen weekly. In the long run, however, this will not be the only project the 50-year-old works on.               Jennifer Aniston

13-year-old stays in clinic: police look for syringe attacker

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                By Sebastian Huld                                           The Gelsenkirchen police is concerned: After an attack on a student in broad daylight, it is still unclear what the man injected the child. A statement by the perpetrator suggests that there were or could be further attacks.               It is about 9 o'clock in

New Violence in Hong Kong: Cobblestone Litter Hurts 70-Year-Old Man

                           Friday, November 15, 2019                                                            The protests in Hong Kong are getting more and more intense. Now a second man is dying on the brink of increasingly violent clashes between protesters and government advocates. He is hit by a paving stone.               On the sidelines of the ongoing anti-government protests in Hong Kong,