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Special feature of elementary schools: shortage of teachers and surplus teachers at the same time

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                                            In the next ten years, some schools will probably look for teachers, while others do not know where to go with the applicants. The gap runs according to a current prognosis thereby between the school forms. This should not change for the time being.               The shortage of

Netflix & Co. in HD or 4K: What's needed for Smooth Streaming?

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                From Klaus Wedekind                                           Before logging in to a video streaming service, it is important to consider which image quality you want and whether Internet connection and hardware are suitable. explains what the services require and how to solve problems.               According to a recent McKinsey study, every

New prospect in the game: Metro changes horses at Real Sale

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                                            So far, the Metro Group focused on the planned sale of the supermarket chain Real on the real estate group Redos. But now it should come differently: The trading giant finds a new potential buyer.               The sale of the supermarket chain Real with its approximately 35,000 employees

First Data Surprise: Probe comes as close to the sun as never before

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                                            Never has a man-made object come closer to the sun than the NASA probe "Parker Solar Probe". From "only" 24 million kilometers away, it delivers findings that surprise researchers.               Our sun is bubbling more chaotically than expected. The first results of the solar probe "Parker Solar Probe"

Intimate Photoshoot: Matthias Ginter Announces Baby News

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                                            For almost four years, Matthias Ginter and his Christina have been a couple, twice they have already given the vow. Now, the love of happiness of the professional footballer and the prettiest player woman 2018 seems perfect: the two are expecting their first child.               For footballer Matthias

Dangerous offenders in focus: Countries want to deport to Syria

                           Thursday, 05. December 2019                                                            The Federal Foreign Office estimates that there is currently no region in Syria where refugees can return without risk. Nonetheless, the interior ministers of the countries are calling for dangerous offenders to be deported to civil war.               The deportation stop for Syrians should be relaxed. The interior