Saskia Esken in n-tv early start: "Then I recommend the GroKo end"

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            The search for a new SPD leadership is entering its final phase. The members have the choice between two duos. Applicant Esken announces that she does not want to continue GroKo at all costs. Rather, she

Replacement or Repair ?: Little Tricks Help Old Heaters

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            A new heating system costs a lot of money. Most of them do not have it or they do not want to invest it. But it can also get out of the system even with smaller

Because of Uranium Enrichment: US Delete Iran Exceptions

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            Iran is again enriching uranium. The UN Nuclear Inspectorate confirms this. The US is reacting and tightening its sanctions against Tehran by deleting previously valid exemptions. US Secretary of State Pompeo finds clear words.               The US

"Opposite of climate protection": air traffic tax flows in regional airports

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            The Grand Coalition wants to make flying more expensive – for the sake of the environment. But the money from the recently increased air traffic tax flows not in the climate protection, but straight back into

Thuringia, Saxony, Germany: Olympic Games 2030 in Germany?

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            Olympic Games in Germany? In Munich and Hamburg, the citizens were against it. Plans seem to be ripening in Thuringia. It is about the Olympic Winter Games 2030. The door for other states is also open.

The Reimanns go shopping: Coty buys Kylie Jenner's cosmetics company

                           Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                            The German billionaire family Reimann is rebuilding the ailing US cosmetics company Coty. He is well known for brands like Max Factor or Wella. Now comes another, which is especially in demand for the youth: Kylie