What happened on November 13 ?: When Schumacher raced to the world title for the first time

              Wednesday, November 13, 2019

              Proud of seven world championship titles, Michael Schumacher enters his Formula 1 career and is thus the measure of all things in the premier class of motorsport. His premier triumph now marks the 25th anniversary. At that time he crowns himself in a dark season.
                 Did you know that … the most successful Formula 1 history pilot founded his era today 25 years ago? On 13 November 1994, Michael Schumacher retires spectacularly at the final round of the season in Australia – but the points account is sufficient for him to win his first world title. However, the legendary season is accompanied by gloomy circumstances. Schumacher not only realizes his first World Cup triumph on that memorable day, not on the Adelaide circuit, but at the safety fence next to it. On lap 36, the Benetton rider had delivered an exuberant duel with his team rider Damon Hill from Team Williams, collided with his car and landed in a tire pile. And his British competitor? He drove on, but not far enough. "Hill in the pits problems," Schumacher hears the track spokesman say. The problems in Hills car proves to be too persistent, the Brit can also not continue. From his World Cup triumph Schumacher learned at the safety fence. (Photo: imago / Laci Perenyi) Later, later on, the moments are reminiscent: "It was terrible to wait outside, but it was indescribable when it finally became clear that I was a World Champion for a long time not right. " The World Cup victory of the 25-year-old is very thin. With 92 points in the drivers' championship Schumacher has only one point ahead of Hill and is the first German driver to win the Formula 1 title. The joy of the Rheinländer over the first-time crowning in the premier class of motorsport is however clouded. The racing series in 1994 is remembered by many as a horror season, because at the Grand Prix of San Marino in Imola with Roland Ratzenberger and triple world champion Ayrton Senna die two riders. Only two weeks later Karl Wendlinger crashed hard at the free practice in Monaco. Schumacher's season performance is flawed: manipulation allegations accompany him and his team, he is disqualified in two races and even locked for two more Grand Prix. Broadcasting 13.11., 20:15 – 21:15, RTL: "The Michael Schumacher story" (in parallel to the broadcast, it is also available on our streaming service TV NOW, until the end of 2019) 13.11., 21:15 – 22:15, RTL: "The 10 biggest Michael Schumacher moments" Even after his World Cup victory, which he enters in his Benetton Ford B194 thus in only 12 of 16 races, remain the suspicions, in particular Schumacher's extrovert team boss Flavio Briatore violently contradicts. With the triumph in the chaos season brings Schumacher his exceptional career rolling. In the following season he drives to world title number two and then changes to Ferrari, where he enters five more triumphs. His total of seven world titles are still the measure of all things in Formula 1. Editor Christoph Rieke casts a daily glance into the past in "Rieke's rearview mirror".

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