Violation of Neutrality Law: Police Demolish Nine Officials from Climate Demo

              Friday, November 29, 2019

              In Brandenburg, several vigils and meetings of climate activists are planned for the weekend. Nine policemen pose in front of the graffiti of a counter-movement "Stops End in Terrain" for a photo that subsequently lands on the net.
              Nine police officers from Brandenburg have posed in front of a graffiti with the slogan "Stops End Terrain" – they have now been excluded from the planned large-scale operation around the climate protests at the weekend in Lusatia. That informed the police Brandenburg via Twitter. It concerns a group of the riot police Cottbus. The photo of the police circulated in the social networks. The police continued to tweet: "Of course, the photo will not be and will be evaluated.We are committed to the neutrality requirement and will of course ensure the protection of constitutionally anchored freedom of assembly for large-scale use in the Lusatia." Check disciplinary measures. In addition, six suspects have been made locally, who are suspected of having sprayed the graffiti. For the coming weekend, 20 vigils and meetings of climate activists in Brandenburg are registered. The mood in Lusatia is tense. Politicians and alliances recently called lignite supporters and opponents to renounce violence. In the photo, nine policemen in service uniform are posing in front of a graffiti with the inscription "Stop End Terrain!" "End of Terrain" is a group of anti-coal activists. The group wrote on Twitter: "What is going on with you, @PolizeiBB?" and linked the appropriate Foto.Man had become aware in the evening on the photo in the social networks, said a spokesman for the Police Department South. Media reports that the suspects who sprayed the graffiti should belong to a right-wing group called "Defend Cottbus", the spokesman confirmed in the evening. "The investigation is ongoing."

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