Trade dispute: Trump considers EU "worse than China"

              Tuesday, November 12, 2019

              The decision as to whether the US will impose higher tariffs on imported cars from the EU is still pending. But even in advance, President Trump makes no secret of what he thinks about the current trade relations of both partners.
              US President Donald Trump has complained about trade barriers in the European Union. It was "very, very difficult" with the EU, Trump said in a speech to members of a business club in New York. "The barriers they have are terrible, terrible, in many ways worse than China." Trump's government has been trading cross-border issues with the EU for months. Brussels and Washington are negotiating a trade agreement. By mid-November Trump wants to actually decide on threatened higher tariffs on imports of cars from the EU. However, there is speculation that Trump could delay the decision – as in May – higher tariffs on car imports would hit especially German automakers hard. Outgoing EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had shown confidently last week that Trump would not impose tariffs. Only if agreement is "good for the US" The US president has broken many trade conflicts. In particular, a brooding fight with China for more than a year is slowing down the global economy. In October Trump announced the agreement on a partial agreement, but it is still unclear when it will be sealed. In New York, Trump reiterated that China is more interested in a trade agreement than the US – and it is the United States that makes the decision. He would only agree to a contract if he was good for the US.

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