Mission Across the Atlantic: Thunberg's Climate Fight in the US

              Wednesday, November 13, 2019
                By Sonja Gurris

              She cycles with Arnold Schwarzenegger and enthuses Leonardo DiCaprio. But US President Donald Trump has only ridicule for the climate activist Greta Thunberg left. What brought her trip to the US and Canada and what did she do there?
              In August, Greta Thunberg sailed from the United Kingdom to the United States amid great media hype. To avoid the emissions of a flight, she spent almost two weeks on the Atlantic. In New York and the US, the Swede not only wanted to speak at a climate summit, but also to get in touch with activists on the other side of the Atlantic, to convince them. And probably a little annoying Donald Trump. Thunberg completed many appointments in the US to promote their climate mission. She also got support from Hollywood stars. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been committed to a progressive environmental policy for several years and has repeatedly supported Thunberg's concerns this year. Firstly, he provided her with an emission-free electric car for travel in the US and Canada, while others emphasized his help with a joint meeting in California. Schwarzenegger posted pictures of a joint bike ride through Santa Monica – of course not without the urgent message that the world is threatened by a climate catastrophe and should be traded immediately. Thunberg and he had already met in May 2019 at a conference organized by Schwarzenegger in Vienna. Schwarzenegger is not the only Hollywood star that convinces Thunberg: actor Leonardo DiCaprio met with the 16-year-olds to promote more climate protection and to sensitize the Americans for the issue. The pictures of the Swede with the Hollywood greats go around the world. But much more central is probably the question of how Thunberg with the youth and politicians in the US arrives. The climate activist tried as in Fridays for Future in Europe in the US to set in motion a movement. But the first pictures of her at a demonstration in New York showed a tired-looking Thunberg in the midst of a manageable group of climate demonstrators. The protests were far from achieving the proportions they were used to from Europe. But that's exactly why she wanted to travel to the United States. While touring the country, Trump continued pulling out of Paris' climate goals. Greta Thunberg did not want to talk to the US president – and he did not want to talk to her. So Trump passed her by the UN in September, without paying any attention to Thunberg. Instead, he later wrote a sarcastic tweet that "she looks like a very happy girl." Thunberg took this completely calm and continued their actions just continued. On Trump, she did not build at all during her climate mission. Even before the trip, she made no illusions, because Trump is not interested anyway for the scientific facts of climate researchers, she said.The former US President Barack Obama reacted in opposition to Trump: He praised Thunberg in the highest tones and told her his Support too. Also in this case the compulsory social media posting on Twitter was not missing. Obama described Thunberg as "one of the greatest defenders of our planet." More recognition she could hardly get on the political level. A few days before her departure, she gave a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, calling for action by young people and adults, even against the current resistance: "Even if the required policy does not exist today, we must raise and use our voices to make sure that people in power are focused on the right things, "said Thunberg. "This is a democracy, and in a democracy it is the people who run the country, if enough people decide that they have enough, that could change everything, do not underestimate that power!" She said, calling it a strong signal against Trump. "When he was elected, I told myself that people will wake up now, that people have to wake up," said Thunberg. "So maybe he helped." Despite all the efforts and the huge attention Thunberg is glad, if it can go back home soon. She told the British "Guardian" that she was homesick and tired from the many trips. She misses her family, her school and her dogs.

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