Goodbye, Marie Kondo: More is now More: The new opulence

              Tuesday, November 12, 2019
                By Alexandra Gorres

              Scandi, Botanical, Hygge, Minimalism, Midcentury, Wabi Sabi or Lagom – those who are interested in interior design know these trends. High time for something new – here comes the maximalism!
              What used to be fashion only now also affects our home. As soon as one trend is established, the next one is called out. Who should come along, let alone participate? The answer may come as a surprise, but let's take a look at the youngest member of the family: the new opulence. It fits very well in this season, because when, if not now in the fall, man longs for the coziness of their own four walls? And lush is cozy – but also sensual and surprising. Maximum glamor now makes itself wide and gives once simple rooms the flair of bygone times, without appearing backward facing. The popular English book author Emily Henson recommends "decorate like no-one's watching" in her latest living guide "Be bold: Interiors for the Brave of Heart". So with the velvets, curved sofas, fringes and tassels. Elements such as spring lamps, gilded metals and expressive wall paints contain reminiscences of the '50s,' 70s or '80s. Liberated from the dust of role models, they are surprisingly new. This also applies to the wallpaper by William Morris & Co, masters of the Arts and Crafts movement, whose decors are now in demand as never before. Existing simply expand The large flower ornaments perfectly fit the still current botanical trend. Also Hygge and Lagom are quasi updated and now adorn themselves with heavy curtains, faux fur pillows and plaids. In general, it is particularly the materiality of velvet covers, heavy textiles or high-pile carpets, which contributes significantly to the sensuality of the trend. The latest editions of living magazines such as the Swedish "Allt i Hemmet", the English "Livingetc" or the German "IDEAT" offer plenty of inspiration. In addition to sofas, tables, chests of drawers and lamps, tableware with Toile-de-Jouy patterns or jars is also on the menu and Terrines by Bordallo Pinheiro make a comeback. Does everything sound a bit too cluttered? Especially for furnishing-afficionados, who have finally managed to eliminate their home "KonMari-gere", that may sound strange, almost threatening. But as with everything, so once again the dose is crucial. Anyone who wants to slowly approach the new opulence and is also a friend of sustainable consumption and upcycling, looks best in the antique trade, the junk dealer, at flea markets and the relevant online portals around. When it comes to dishes, candlesticks or silverware, the cellars and attics of parents and grandparents often treasure real treasures, and to whom the shape, but not the upholstery of the tattered sofa, is appealing, bring it upholstery and have it redone with a beautiful velvet fabric. Voilà: Already, the new opulence offers the chance to preserve and appreciate what might otherwise have gone unnoticed. From "Fashion Victim" to "Interior Victim"? Finally missing the answer to the question "Who should even come along with all the trends?" Nobody – you could answer. Because long gone are the times in which a single trend determined everything – whether in terms of fashion or in terms of furnishings. At this year's Milan "Salone del Mobile", the most important furniture fair in the world, this is once again clear, because everything can – nothing must. The rapid change from one trend to the next rather encompasses a steadily growing variety. Furniture retailers and online shops have everything ready – it is entirely up to the customer to decide whether or not he wants to set himself up monothematically in his home. Much more individual, however, is to look at their own needs. Those who need only 15 minutes in the morning in the bathroom, set it up the most minimalist. Another person may love the regular full bath at the end of the day and would call his "wet cell" the actual living and feel-good room. Only logical that it is accordingly lovingly detailed and equipped with care. Inspiration for truly daring tinker rooms is provided by an entertaining house tour with sisters Cara and Poppy Delevigne. If someone prefers to eat at the small kitchen table with a view out the window and thinks the kitchen is the most important place in the world, then he does not need a formal dining room, but the most beautiful kitchen utensils in a fullness and uniqueness, which in the best case can also be used on the Let's just rejoice over the new opulence and pick out our very personal raisins.

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