Forbidden Mobile Coaching: Zverev Resists Cheating Allegations

              Thursday, November 14, 2019

              Alexander Zverev conceded a bitter bankruptcy against Stefanos Tsitsipas, then Germany's best tennis player also has to deal with fraud allegations. The truth about the alleged grave offense should be easier.
              Did Alexander Zverev cheat in front of an audience of millions? The reigning tennis world champion has to defend himself after his second group game at the ATP finals in London against emerging cheating allegations. A TV camera had caught on Wednesday evening in his 3: 6, 2: 6 defeat against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, as the 22-year-old had squeezed several seconds with his hand in his sports bag during a break. A discussion had then developed on social networks as to whether Zverev might have used a cell phone. Mobile phones and other communications of any kind are prohibited during matches because they offer the possibility of illegal coaching. "My phone was in the locker room," Zverev said, "I'm not sure what they saw, but it could not have been my phone, maybe a water bottle." Well, an argument with a drinking bottle, it was obviously not what the cameras have captured. There is speculation in social media that Zverev could have checked his insulin level with a glucose monitor. The German top player has never confirmed any possible diabetes, rumors always denied: "Everything written there is not true." Everything in this news is absolutely invented, "he said in 2016. For good reasons, health is a private matter.Coaching Rule is "stupid" If a player is caught in the prohibited coaching, threatens first a warning. So it happened to the 22-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams in the finals of the US Open 2018. The coach of the American had tried to give her a show of hands tips, the former number one in the women's world ranking wants that according to their own statements but did not notice – and was flickered after the warning. The rule, however, is controversial: "It is stupid that coaches are paid with thousands of euros, but then may not be used.For a coach, it is also very bitter that in the crucial moments his player is not allowed to help," said the former Davis Cup player Alexander Waske after the incident. The Tennis World Federation ITF and the men's ATP Tour have been debating the abolition of the rule for a long time, and coaching during the matches is now allowed on competitions in the women's tour. Whether with or without outside influence: Zverev had to face defeat Tsitsipas missed the premature entry into the semi-finals of the elite tournament of the eight best of the season. In his last preliminary round match, however, he has the chance on Friday against the Russians Daniil Medvedev to reach the knockout round with a win. If Tsitsipas wins against Rafael Nadal in the other match of the group "Andre Agassi", he will even have to win a set. Zverev himself is cheeky: "I have it in hand and I'm looking forward to it, I can decide if I'm still here on Saturday or not," said last year's winner after the clear defeat to the world ranking sixth.

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