"Flows" against Kovac: Bayern surrender to its players

              Niko Kovac has stumbled over the resistance of some players at Bayern. That's what President Uli Hoeneß said. The fact that it could come so far that a coach again stumbles over the reluctance of footballers, raises questions.
              How can that be? Bayern is (still) led by the two most powerful football officials in Germany – and then one of these two, Uli Hoeneß namely, must confess that the power of the players is so great that the club parted from the coach. By Niko Kovac. Where does one's own conviction or non-conviction of the powerful get involved? At any rate, an amazing parallel is opening up. Because even Kovac 'predecessor, Carlo Ancelotti, had stumbled over the unwillingness of the players to follow him yet. The Italian had taken the "enemy" to bed, Hoeness said. At that time, as well as now, interim training leaders took on the qualities of human trapping: Ancelotti was followed by Jupp Heynckes. On Kovac now his assistant coach Hansi Flick. Heynckes returned from a coaching penny with a spectacular 5: 0 against SC Freiburg. Flick increased his lead over the sovereign 2: 0 against Piraeus to 4: 0 against Borussia Dortmund. While Heynckes' involvement was limited from the beginning, which Hoeneß in particular never wanted to believe, the duration of Flick's responsibility is not yet clearly defined. For the time being, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, another powerful official, said Hansi could continue. Because the Hansi do that well. And he gives the club rest in the trainer search. That seems urgently needed. For the club must now necessarily answer the question: Who can lead this team so that they again athletically developed to satisfy the tormenting yearning for the Henkel pot finally? And at the same time to moderate them in such a way that the players do not again represent because of a premature separation? "Currents, which wanted to have the coach away" That meant Hoeness well, when he spoke in the ZDF sports studio of "currents within the team" "who wanted to take the coach away." And who moved the leadership to a reaction. Whether these words coincide with the official communiqué? In the yes of a withdrawal offer of the coach was the speech. That's it. The fact that there were moods against Kovac, that's not surprising, only that Hoeneß so clearly names and the power relations revealed. From a "gap" between some players and the coach had the "kicker" already reported in late October. From a dissatisfaction with the training design had been written there. From too much emphasis on defensive work. Of missing tactical details. Lack of ball possession, missing structures and rehearsed moves. Once again. There were allegations, in varying degrees and intensity, which accompanied the 16-month term of the Croat. The "Bild" newspaper lists meanwhile, who should have heard about the rebels. In fact, not much imagination is lacking to believe that Thomas Müller should have been one of those footballers who were against the coach – reserve role, emergency nail spell, there was quite a lot together. But that is not confirmed. And probably never will. But even under Ancelotti the great-Bavarian did not belong to the players who were satisfied with their situation. And afterwards peaks allowed themselves. The other footballers now assigned to the anti-Kovac camp are Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Javi Martinez and Robert Lewandowski. All have reasonable evidence. But also no confirmations. Neuer spoke after the swatter in Frankfurt, after the coach finally had to leave, from a not huge miracle. Previously, he had already warned, not always looking for excuses. That was partly what Kovac had done. Kimmich had repeatedly complained of naive mistakes and lack of dominance in the Bayern match. Lewandowski repeatedly criticized the sometimes discouraged tactics and last saw even a large vacuum of leadership players. He only saw himself and Neuer.Und Martinez, who sat with tears on the bench before the match against TSG Hoffenheim, played under Kovac at best only a minor role. Flick, who was still working as an assistant coach, gave the Spaniard paternal comfort. A human catcher. And he made him, as a boss, directly important. As a calm stabilizer of the defense. Just like Müller. As a busy and leading entertainer of the offensive. Kimmich and Neuer were set anyway. Lewandowski anyway.Kovac never became a strong coachNun FC Bayern have made it reasonably easy for their players to position themselves against Kovac. The internal quarrels between Hoeneß – the protector of the Croats – and Rummenigge – the perpetrator – have never made the coach in Munich strong. Rummenigge will therefore have hardly hesitated to respond to Kovac's offer. Being so rummenigges, recommended rotation stop and tips for setting up Hoeneß weakened Kovac also. Not just inside, but also outside. Even the double victory did not help the coach. Thus, Kovac never got rid of the image of having been an emergency rather than a desired solution. Thomas Tuchel was traded before Kovac. Also Julian Nagelsmann. The club bosses could not communicate with either of them. And the absurd belief that Heynckes, now 74 years old, was busy for a long time, further paralyzed his efforts. By the way, even with Ancelotti, the bosses were apparently not green. While Rummenigge later declared that he had cried at the breakup, Hoeneß did a good job against the Italian. But how does it continue? Sure, until further notice with Flick. But is it really good for the big solution? His start was good, but the conditions were also favorable. That Martinez played as a defensive chief, was also due to the lack of alternatives: Niklas Süle injured, Lucas Hernandez also, Jerome Boateng locked. The fact that Müller was deployed is also due to Philippe Coutinho, who is still the most outrageous. However, Flick also knows the emotional value of the two old success heroes. The legendary and evolved Mia-san-mia is absolutely given to them. Not only since the Champions League triumph 2013. And in the club is incredibly important. Meanwhile, Coutinho is as unhappy about his current role as Bank Thiago. How long does the last roughly negligent Spaniard stay calm? Not clear. Flick, who was initially scheduled for only two games, will soon have to make clear decisions. Great decisions. A new situation for him. A tricky trick is the great solution? For the time being, the mood is good, the willingness to be great, the passion aroused, the fun back. The flash conversion is good for the club, but it does not necessarily throw a good light on the players. So had already captain Neuer after the fast embarrassment in the Cup at the second division VfL Bochum asked the question about the character. It's a poor explanation that Rummenigge said after the win: "When a newbie arrives, you start again, with a new spirit, a new will, and then it all works out as a player that's the way it is. "But how does the team deal with setbacks? Sporty and atmospheric? Can the human catcher Flick catch that? Or does it require the inviolability of coaches like Jose Mourinho (traded) or Thomas Tuchel (maybe available for the new season)? And can Flick miss Bayern a new, distinctive, formative system? That's the big wish of Rummenigge. In the summer break, he had expressed it and thus directly back pressure on the very exhausted, but successful Kovac built. Which was already accused in his first season, no dominant game idea own.Success, it seems in Munich at present, is less important than to convince the players of themselves. Of course, success is very helpful here. No, it can be.

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