"Farmer Seeks a Wife": Cupid Out of Hand

              Monday, November 11, 2019
                From Kai Butterweck

              Love chaos between calf baptism and pudding party! On the farms it goes back and forth. While some are already floating on cotton wool clouds, others are shedding gallons of tears.
              Fiery looks here, big tears there: Also this year lies between cloud seven and the Big-Love-Valhalla only a bumpy tractor ride. This "thing" called love is also hard to pack. She has tried so hard … Maggie flashes at Jürgen. (Photo: TVNOW) Maggie tried, over and over again. Even with plucked cowboy chords, trolling Leongsang and high-percentage Balzschnaps tried the Polish Glamor Barbie to score. But Kugelblitz Jürgen has only eyes for pancakes with cherries and fledged Maid Kerstin. Catalog Bauer Michael has it easy, too. Cupid shoots with his arrows from all directions. And the young Mittelfranke do not know where to with his feelings. Should he give a chance to a future with much drooling charm but little draft? Or should he admit that he may have made the wrong decision Conny is "shocked" Michael's great-aunt and Hof-Bunny Conny are at least "scared" and "shocked" by Michael's sudden change of heart: "When he told me about his feelings for Carina said, that was like a slap in the face for me, "sobbed Conny. Only too understandable. Something is happening with Thomas and Bianca. (Photo: TVNOW) Also torn between delicate pink and distinctive kackbrown, Christophers Chosen Jennifer presents himself. The 31-year-old housewife looks uncertain after a final calf christening and frisky pigeon fun sky. Should she accompany the "love life" tormented Christopher through the valley of togetherness? Or should she rather take off? Christopher pushes on the FeelingstubeFollowing a hay bale pushes the emotionally visibly overburdened farmer again vigorously on the emotional room – with success. Jennifer breaks in and promises to see you soon. Format connoisseurs are already agreed that whether the unequal couple actually walks hand in hand towards the sunset sometime, is about as uncertain as the future career of Hertha coach Ante Covic. While on some farms the love flags hang on half-mast and throbbing Hearts still can not really decide, but you can enjoy the fruits of being together to the fullest. Plastic Cow and Star Wars Combine Rudi and Christina are also getting closer. (Photo: TVNOW / Michael Schukat) Riesenbauer Thomas welcomes his Carina with a life-size plastic cow, delicious waffles and extra much powdered sugar. Kai from Hessen mimics the Big Boy and drives up with the Star Wars combine harvester. Shortly thereafter, Neu-Hofdame Philine enjoys her first outdoor picnic. Could things be better? Probably not. Although: Horse Burkhard, Paraguayan farmer Rudi and Iro-Bauer Thomas are even a few steps further. In the South American landlocked state and high up in the north of Germany, the wildest bulls are already loaded in the passionate man-woman network, baked the most delicious lowland pudding cake and captured the first "moments" of germinating love with blood and ink for eternity. Then a glass of Tereré and a bite Ostfriesen biscuit. The love drives it in. "Bauer sucht Frau" is always available on TVNOW More information about the program is also available at

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