Early start to Afghanistan: "Germany is central to peace process"

              Thursday, November 14, 2019

              Hosna Jalil has an unusual career. At the age of 26, she became the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs in Afghanistan. In the n-tv Frühstart she talks about the precarious security situation in the country and her role as role model.
              Afghanistan's Deputy Minister of the Interior Hosna Jalil deplores the fragile security situation in her country. "The peace process in Afghanistan is very complicated," she said in the n-tv early start. There are more than 20 terrorist groups in the country. For internal security, the government has a fairly clear line: "Military operations are the solution, unless there is a ceasefire." Jalil praised especially the German contribution to the peace process. Germany plays a "crucial role", also in order to establish a dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban. "The role of Germany is really central to the entire peace process." Jalil emphasized that even after the withdrawal of US troops Afghanistan relies on foreign aid. She praised that the US military will continue to provide Afghanistan with technical and advisory support. "Air Force support is one of the biggest components we get from the international community and the US Department of Defense, so that's all, and we need it." At the same time, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, who took up her ministry at the age of 26, emphasized that great challenge to work as a woman in a male dominated environment. "I have opened the door not only to women, but also to young people, to citizens," she said. "I want to set an example and raise awareness that civil society people can work with my military colleagues, young citizens, regardless of gender." Jalil also called for more women to hold public office in their country. "Without women in these offices and in the national police, we do not serve our country, but only men, so we need more women and police in our institutions to really serve our country – in law enforcement, and public Order and security. "

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