Bugs from outfitters Adidas: Russian footballers refuse new jerseys

              Wednesday, November 13, 2019

              Red-blue-white instead of white-blue-red: Because of this changed color sequence, it refuses the Russian national football team to run aground in their new jerseys. Instead of the own flag the sleeve now reminds of Serbia. For outfitter Adidas it's the second faux pas in a short time.
              Because of faulty new jerseys, the Russian national football team will play against Belgium in their old shirts at the European Championship qualifier this Saturday. Instead of the Russian color sequence white-blue-red on the sleeves, the players of the Sbornaja recently found themselves in the fitting in new jerseys with the Serbian flag in red-blue-white again. The design on the sleeve is similar to the new jerseys of the German national team – but while the colors black-red-gold on the German shirts are shown in the correct order, they have been put upside down in the Russians. Many Russian players who have no contract with sporting goods manufacturer Adidas would have refused to play in the jerseys, Russian media reported. The Russian Football Association have therefore decided that the players compete in future matches again in the old jerseys. After initial talks with Adidas further negotiations are planned to replace the jerseys, reported the portal "We develop the design of new jerseys in principle in close consultation with our associations," it said in an Adidas statement. "We have been a proud partner of the Russian Football Association (RFU) for 12 years and therefore confident that we will find a solution together." In Germany there had also been a breakdown with the new jerseys at the beginning of the week. Shortly after the official presentation on Monday, the jerseys with the faulty flocking "Hecktor" and "Waltschmidt" appeared in the Adidas online shop. "We regret the incident and will take all necessary steps to avoid technical issues like this in the future," a company spokesman said on Tuesday, "The typos are fixed." Now the jerseys have the right names of internationals Jonas Hector and Luca Waldschmidt.

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