Admonished gift dismissed: Trump does not want to have a piece of Berlin Wall

              Sunday, November 10, 2019

              US President Trump praises the overcoming of the inner German border as a "historical teaching example". He does not want to see her as a political statement on his own politics. And you do not even want to be reminded of the tearing of walls in your own home.
              On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a Berlin club brought a piece of the Wall to Washington – addressed to US President Donald Trump. According to the Initiative Open Society, the 2.7-tonne piece of the wall is an original piece of the wall. On Saturday it was brought to the White House, where it should be delivered. However, the assumption was denied, said Jörg Waschescio on behalf of the club in Washington. "Germany is reunited and in Berlin only isolated pieces remind us that no wall holds forever," says Trump on the piece of the wall in letter form. "For decades, the United States has played a vital role in bringing down this wall (in Berlin), from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, while the US Presidents fought against it Remember a world without walls and an open society, explained the club. It was a "statement against walls in general", not against a specific one, said Waschescio. Trump, however, is driving the construction of a wall on the US border with Mexico and praising these again and again as "beautiful" and "large". The Wall segment is, according to the initiative since October on the way to Washington. If the White House does not accept the piece of the wall in the coming days, it will go on a "small tour of the States," said Waschescio. A gift to the president is owned by the American people and they want to make sure that many people see it.

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