Up to 25 degrees: The sun returns

              Thursday, October 10, 2019


              At the weekend, the golden October starts. Especially in the south and southeast the sun dominates. The temperatures can sometimes reach even summery 25 degrees. That makes the Sonnanenbilanz beautiful, after all, October has been too The first half of October is around and there is a small conclusion: too dry it was not, or? Björn Alexander: no. But on the contrary. Because in the meantime, we have almost met the rain rate for the whole of October – in Germany. That equates to just over 50 liters per square meter, which means that the great dryness has ended. At least in the topsoil. What about the deeper layers? At a depth of one to two meters, the dryness is still extreme. But at least now everything would be prepared, so that further rain can sometimes penetrate further down. What rainfall would have to fall because, so we also get down to normal conditions again? That's hard to say. But a few hundred liters are still missing. It will definitely take a long time until normalization in the entire body of the soil. However, at the same time, there are clear differences at the same time compared to last year, which are not just the end of dryness in the topsoil. Also on the rivers it looks very different. For example here in Cologne on the Rhine. Just over a year ago with a water level of well below one meter. Currently it is over 2.70 meters. Tendency rising.With all the joy of the rain: If the sun comes back someday? At the weekend, the golden October actually starts. It will land, especially in the south and southeast, where off the beaten track or fog fields often the sun dominates and the temperatures in places even summer values ​​of 25 degrees or something more can be achieved. So that's just the sun balance beautified, and the very cold days are over. How much too cold was it so far? Compared to the long-term average, the first third of the month was a good 1.5 degrees too cold. In this respect, we experience quite a quantum leap on the weekend. Even up to the north, the values ​​climb on Sunday towards 20 degrees mark.Hierland attracts the sun on the weekend. But that looks very different in Japan at the moment. What dangers do people have to face there? Supertaifun "Hagibis" continues to head for the southern coast of the Japanese main island Honshu and will meet them for the weekend. Previously, the mean wind speeds over the open water at around 260 kilometers per hour. In gusts it is around 300 km / h. Although he will weaken himself to landfall. ntv-Metereologist Björn Alexander What does that mean? On the coasts, wind speeds of over 150 km / h to 200 km / h. With that, "Hagibis" could even cross the metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo on Saturday as supertaifun of the third category (out of 5). In addition, the typhoon pushes enormous amounts of water in front of him. 15 to 20 meters high waves, a meter-high storm surge and torrential rain. Spread around 100 to 300 liters per square meter. In storage situations, rainfall of up to 500 liters can certainly not be ruled out. At the same time, landslides and flooding are threatening. What are the prospects for the Formula 1 race in Suzuka? The Suzuka Formula 1 circuit (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) This means that qualifying on Saturday will not only fall into the water, but also damage to the infrastructure will have to be feared. On Sunday, the weather calms down quickly. But whether it can actually be driven, is not foreseeable due to the huge rainfall and possible storm damage. Back to our weather: What are the details for our weekend? From the middle southward the sun dominates after fog dissipation and there the temperatures in the Breisgau climb up to 25 degrees. Further north, it remains changeable with showers and a strong wind. It is the coolest on the coast at 15 degrees.And on Sunday From the Lower Rhine to Schleswig-Holstein must be expected with rainstorms and local thunderstorms. Otherwise, it is nicer and especially in the south to Thuringia and Saxony, there is plenty of sun and peak temperatures up to 25 or 26 degrees. And also in the rest of the country shows the Sunday very warm with 22 to 24 degrees. Even in the windy and windy north, it will be 18 to 22 degrees. Will it continue to warm in the next week? It is at least as warm and usually friendly to sunny going on. Temperatures bring it to 15 degrees on the North Sea and 25 degrees on the Upper Rhine. How does it look like? Starting on Tuesday, a renewed change in weather indicates. The values ​​are slowly decreasing and it becomes more unstable. The details are still pretty open, as the weather is rather uncertain.

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