U-Haft for Assassin von Halle: Judge issues arrest warrant against Stephan B.

              Thursday, October 10, 2019

Assassin Stephan B. on his arrival at the Federal Court in Karlsruhe.
(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

              One day after the terrorist attack in Halle, an investigating magistrate issues an arrest warrant for the assassin Stephan B. The 27-year-old now moves to pre-trial detention. Meanwhile, the investigation continues.
              One day after the murder of Halle, the investigating magistrate at the Federal Court of Justice has issued warrants for the suspected right-wing terrorist Stephan B., according to information from Südwestrundfunk. That has a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe confirmed the station in the evening. The judge has ordered pre-trial detention. The Federal Prosecutor's Office accuses the suspect of double murder and tried murder in nine cases. 27-year-old Stephan B. was arrested on Wednesday. He had tried to storm the synagogue in Halle with gun power. At that time, the synagogue had hosted 51 believers in celebration of Yom Kippur's highest Jewish holiday. After he had failed to penetrate into the church, he is said to have shot two people in front of the synagogue and then in a nearby doner kebab. The federal prosecutor wants to deal in the further investigation "in particular also with the question of whether people in the Preparation or execution of the attack or were aware of it in advance ". To date, there has been a lack of "sufficient factual evidence" that the accused was tied to a right-wing terrorist group or had any other connection with such an association.

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