Sanctions for Uighur Politics: China Sentences US Visas Restrictions

              Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Headwind from the US: China denounces US sanctions.
(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

              For more than a year, the two largest economies in the US and China have been in Handelsclinch. In doing so, Washington is again picking up a political issue: Beijing's Uighur policy. China is outraged.
              China has sharply criticized US punitive measures against Chinese officials and party officials. The Chinese Embassy in the US said that these steps violated basic norms of international relations. Washington uses human rights as "merely fabricated pretexts for its interference" in Beijing's internal affairs. "We urge the US to rectify its mistakes immediately and stop its interference in China's internal affairs." The US government imposed visa restrictions on Chinese government and Communist Party officials and 28 Chinese government and trade organizations blacklisted to limit exports to them. These measures were justified by the fact that China oppresses the Muslim minority of the Uighurs.China waves off The Chinese embassy declared now, in the region Xinjiang, in which many Uighurs live, does not give it the problems accused by the USA. The action was aimed at eradicating terrorism and extremism. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch estimates that in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of northwestern China, one million people live in reeducation camps, most of them Uyghurs. They are ethnically related to the Turks and feel oppressed by the ruling Han Chinese. The Beijing government accuses Uighur groups of separatism and terrorism. The US and China have been fiercely engaged in a trade dispute for more than a year. There will be new trade talks between the two sides in Washington later this week.

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