Reaction to Chinese Criticism: Apple Locks Map App for Activists

              Thursday, October 10, 2019

    provides information about incidents in the Special Administrative Region.
(Photo: REUTERS)

              The confrontations between protesters in Hong Kong and the Beijing-loyal government are also bringing foreign companies to the brink. Apple is giving its users in Hong Kong a popular application for guidance because it was allegedly abused for acts of violence.
              The US company Apple has withdrawn an app popular with demonstrators in Hong Kong from the market of the Chinese special administrative area. According to the developers of the Hong Kong digital map, Apple said the app was "used in many ways to put Hong Kong police and residents at risk". Chinese state media had previously accused Apple of using the app "obviously to support rioters." A commentary in the People's Daily newspaper said Wednesday that there was "reason to believe that Apple mixed business with politics and even with illegal acts." Apple has to "think about the consequences of its ill-advised and irresponsible decision," it said. Police tracked down According to the developers, Apple now said that the app had been used to attack and attack policemen and "threaten public safety." In addition, "criminals" knew thanks to the app in which parts of the city were police officers and then had attacked there citizens. This use has "inflicted significant damage" on Hong Kong. For months now, Hong Kong has witnessed mass protests against the growing influence of the Beijing government and the curtailment of civil rights. The protests were organized, among other things, via apps. The protests had initially been directed against a planned law that provided for transfers of suspects to mainland China. In the meantime, the protests are generally directed against the pro-Chinese leadership in Hong Kong and the restriction of democracy.

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