Puck instead of football: Petr Cech tries his hand as a goalie

              Thursday, October 10, 2019

Petr Cech changes the sport: After the end of his career as a professional footballer, he tries his hand at the ice hockey goal.
(Photo: picture alliance / John Walton / P)

              Football pro Petr Cech is gone. But as a Czech you always have a second great sporting love: ice hockey. It does not surprise then that Cech tries now as a goalie.
              Petr Cech is now trying as a hockey keeper. The former Czech Republic national team goalkeeper and Arsenal FC Chelsea spokesman will face British fourth division side Guildford Phoenix. "I hope I can help the young team achieve the season goals and win as many games as possible when I'm allowed to play," said 37-year-old Cech on Phoenix's homepage. After 20 years as a professional footballer It's a wonderful experience now to play in the sport he's played as a kid, he said. He also loves to look at her. Cech had ended his footballing career in the summer. Most recently, he was in the box of Europa League finalists Arsenal London.

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