Offspring planned ?: Justin Bieber posts cute children's photos

              Thursday, October 10, 2019

How long will it take until the Biebers are three?
(Photo: imago images / Matrix)

              Earlier this week, Justin and Hailey Bieber have voted for the second time. The next logical step would be a baby now. At least the singer seems to have discovered his love for children and childhood.
              Justin and Hailey Bieber celebrated a wedding on Monday in a church ceremony, a year after their civil ceremony. Many other young couples do not have their first child long after this step, and maybe the Biebers are no exception. At least when looking at the Instagram profile of the 25-year-old singer can be just read out a lot. Because Bieber's text for a short video showing a strange baby playing with his dad makes one sit up and take notice. He wrote: "This is something I am very happy." This is followed by numerous pictures of himself from childhood and school days, where he is seen with buddies and classmates.Where is Justin? On some, he just sits casually with two friends, but has a look that you can still see today of him knows: fat sneakers, baggy shorts and hooded jacket. In some photos, he has already bleached his hair in childhood. He also adds to this typical class photos, a sort of search game for his fans, but it should not be too difficult for them to recognize their idol. Especially since Bieber in the text even gives tips to find him, or even umkringelt even red.Another video shows a little girl who has "beautified" with Mum's lipstick and talk about it with his father. Again, Bieber's text suggests that he is already wild on his own offspring. "Hailey, with your attitude and crazy behavior we are stuck in a world of difficulties." Maybe he thinks that a Bieber girl would act with the genes of his parents much like the child in the clip.

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