Manchester City is nervous: Guardiolas Tormaschine gets out of hand

              Tuesday, October 08, 2019
                By Hendrik Buchheister, Manchester

If he had hair, he would fight it: Pep Guardiola is already eight points behind the Liverpool FC.
(Photo: imago images / Xinhua)

              After the worst start of the season under Pep Guardiola Manchester City is already eight points behind leaders Liverpool. It hooks up with the master. This also has to do with a failure in the transfer market. The coach refers to many more points to be awarded.
              Pep Guardiola was not in the mood for a policy debate. He rated Manchester City's home defeat against the weakening Wolverhampton Wanderers as a slip-up as he may seem. "Of course, it was a bad day, it happens sometimes," said the coach from Catalonia. But the matter is not quite that simple. The 0-2 draw by Adama Traoré's two late counter-goals was the second defeat of the still-early-season for the champions of the past two years after a 2-3 aggregate promotion Norwich. In addition, the team were points in the draw against Tottenham. In addition, this means the worst start to the season in Guardiola's term. In the race for the title City already has a juicy eight-point gap to Jürgen Klopps flawless FC Liverpool after eight matchdays. If it runs for Guardiola's team, then she plays with the precision of a clockwork. All the wheels interlock. That's not always the case right now. "From start to finish, something is not quite right," judged "The Athletic" after the loss to the Wolves, which were still required during the week in the Europa League at Besiktas in Istanbul. The basic problem is on the defensive: Due to the injury of the two central defenders Aymeric Laporte and John Stones Guardiola must improvise in defense. It takes its revenge that the master let Vincent Kompany go in the summer and did not get a replacement. City emerged from the race for Harry Maguire from Leicester because he was supposedly too expensive. The international joined the city rivals Manchester United for almost 90 million euros. Due to the shortage of personnel in the defense, the statics in the game of Guardiolas selection shifts. There is a lack of defenders and creativity The only remaining center-back Nicolás Otamendi is prone to mistakes and has weaknesses in the positional game. Fernandinho, who is on temporary assignment to the defense center, is one of Guardiola's favorite players because of his flexibility, though he notes that he is not a born center-back. To shield the patched-up defense, Guardiola sets in midfield on a more defensive variant. Against Wolverhampton Wanderers Ilkay Gündogan formed an unusual double six with Rodri, to the detriment of the offensive game. In addition, because Master King Kevin De Bruyne had injured injured, lacked the creativity. City brought only two balls on goal. This is a miserable value for the team that had two weeks earlier, the 8:20 FC Watford shot from the stadium.He added severely in the second defeat of the season was that Guardiola's team was unusually carelessly dealt with the ball and with passes to Opponents repeatedly brought into distress. Even before the two goals by Traoré the guests had run several times free on goal. The defeat could have been even higher. Some mistakes in the construction game were "impossible to defend" had confessed Guardiola. His team had been "nervous". In November, Pep meets KloppKnapp two weeks, the coach has time to readjust the master, then it continues in the league. Against the upcoming opponents Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Southampton FC City can afford no slip-up, not to lose sight of Liverpool before the direct duel on November 10 at Anfield. Guardiola strives to be combative in the fight for the title. "There are still many games to play," he says, still plenty of time to catch up. As in the past season, when his team despite a mean seven-point deficit was still champions. However, it could also run the other way round. The BBC has made the (not very serious) extrapolation after losing to Wolves: if the season continues, Manchester City will end up 38 points behind Liverpool.

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