"Like a Knife in the Back": "Celebrity Big Brother" Couple Divides into Quarrel

              Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The love of "Celebrity Big Brother" winner Janine Pink and Tobias Wegener ends in the Rose War.
(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

              Love in front of people really does not mean anything – at least with Janine Pink and Tobias Wegener. At "Celebrity Big Brother" they fell in love, they squandered the prize money together. But now is over again and Pink expects public with the ex.
              The relationship between celebrity big brother pair Janine Pink and Tobias Wegener is officially over. First rumors of a love out came when 32-year-old Janine erased all photos shared on her Instagram page. But how bad the time really was and is for her, is only now clear. Together they spent the "Celebrity Big Brother" profit, now Pink and Wegener go their separate ways. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) In "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen" Pink says: "I was always one hundred percent with my heart – but not the other side." Accordingly, Wegener Pink often would not have stayed overnight with her if she had visited him in Cologne. If she had cried, he would have told her not to "make such a drama." Contacting the ExIm holiday in Dubai – paid for her "Celebrity Big Brother" win bonus – Wegener had also casually told her that he was still on the right person is waiting. Right after the holiday, the 26-year-old should have reported to his ex-girlfriend. Also according to the relationship, Wegener has shown, according to Pink from a good side – for example, when he had taken a party video, shortly after publicly from her heartache had told. "Right there the pulse artery goes up again," she said. "I still post that I'm heartbroken and he makes fun of it so coldly a few hours later and then laughs so dirty, I thought I'd go through it, it's like a knife in the back." Her bitter realization of this relationship: "I always think of the good in people – that's my mistake." Pink and Wegener had learned to love each other as part of "Celebrity Big Brother". Pink had become known as the actress of the RTL II series "Cologne 50667", Wegener through his participation in the RTL2 show "Love Iceland".

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