Information in the file missing: Scheuer met secretly with toll companies

              Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Is he still in control? More and more burdensome details on the car toll contracts bring Transport Minister Scheuer in the dust.
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              The noose around Scheuer's neck tightens harder: Once again, the Ministry of Transport must grant highly sensitive secret meetings with the operators of the tilted car toll, of which nothing is on record. The Greens demand the immediate removal of the CSU minister from office.
              In the affair of the ruptured car toll further secret meetings burden Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. Following an ultimatum from the Greens, the ministry had to grant five additional talks with the ministry's top representatives, including representatives of the toll companies CTS Eventim and Kapsch, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. The talks are said to have taken place between 3 October 2018 and 23 May 2019. Scheuer was involved in three meetings, one of them was attended by Chancellery head Helge Braun, the newspaper wrote. The Bundestag had hushed the meeting so far, despite demands from the deputies. They are also not documented in the toll files. At most of the meetings, according to the report, top-level talks are in the midst of the negotiations on the billion-dollar toll contract at the end of 2018. This is the result of a letter from Transport State Secretary Steffen Bilger, quoted by the SZ. The high-profile meetings on 3 October, 26, 27, 29 November and 7 December took place partly in parallel to working-level meetings, which were officially announced to the Bundestag. While these were logged, this was omitted at the top meetings. "There were no preparatory or follow-up notes to these talks," says the Secretary of State in a letter. Contracts closed too soon: Damages threatening Two CSF ​​politicians, who had promised Parliament "maximum transparency", were already present previously under pressure. The new information provided by the Ministry is also a cause for concern because it shows Scheuer's premature conclusion of the contract in a particularly bleak light. According to information provided by insiders, leading representatives of the operating companies Scheuer reportedly proposed at least one meeting last year to postpone the signing of the toll contracts until after the expected ECJ ruling, according to the report. Scheuer is said to have rejected this with reference to the tight schedule for the CSU prestige project. Earlier, RTL and n-tv had already reported on corresponding proposals from the operator. The Ministry actually concluded the toll contracts one day before New Year's Eve – months before the ECJ overthrew the toll law in June. Now threatened claims for damages, which would have prevented a later conclusion of the contract. The ministry emphasized that such an offer never existed, reports the SZ weiter.Die opposition urges in view of the recent revelations on Scheuer's resignation. Three months ago, the minister announced "full transparency" in the Bundestag, according to a statement by the Green Spokesman for Finance and Transport, Sven-Christian Kindler and Stephan Kühn. "Since then, almost daily, new deception maneuvers have come to light of the Minister." In the meantime, we no longer have any faith in Andreas Scheuer's will to enlighten. " Anyone who lied to the Bundestag and mislead the public should not be "a day longer Federal Minister of Transport," it says. The missing documentation describe the Green politicians as a "clear violation of law". They demand the replacement of Scheuer. Chancellor Angela Merkel must dismiss scourge as Minister of Transport.

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