Formula 1 luxury with a risk of crash: Driverzoff turns Ferrari into a powder keg

              Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Leclerc and Vettel are currently working in tense coexistence.
(Photo: imago images / Motorsport Images)

              Not only typhoon "Hagibi" should provide for the Grand Prix of Japan for Formula 1 turbulence, even in the recent escalated team duel at Ferrari threatens the next round. Altstar Vettel and challenger Leclerc will not give anything away in Suzuka – despite warnings from their boss.
              Despite the threatening typhoon "Hagibi", Sebastian Vettel approached the long journey to his favorite race in Suzuka with almost childlike anticipation. "In a way, the track reminds me of the tracks we used to play when I was little," said Vettel ahead of the Japan Grand Prix on Sunday (7.10am on RTL and the live ticker on , Striking sections such as the famous S-curves or the fast left-hander "130R" have not lost their charm for the four-time Formula 1 World Champion in all routine. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are pretty good rivals. (Photo: imago images / LaPresse) The fun factor of the ongoing turmoil with his teammate Charles Leclerc should, however, be limited. One of the most exciting questions ahead of the fifth-last race of the year is how fair the duel remains after the recent escalation in the race in Russia. "Our performance in Sochi was good," said Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, "but to be ahead in Japan Every aspect of our work must be perfect. " The 49-year-old mentioned the escalating conflict of his pilots not directly, between the lines was still a clear challenge to Vettel and Leclerc read: The team success is above all, for personal vanities is no place in the processing of the Russian debacle with The bizarre team-order farce had been discussed – even between Binotto and Vettel. "Positive and constructive," the team said in a statement. "Potentially explosive mixture" There had been a lot to talk about. The Scuderia made a big leap forward after the summer break and won three races, one of them through Vettel in Singapore. The problem: With the successes and the rivalry between the drivers has risen rapidly. Ferrari is currently a powder keg. "It's a potentially explosive mix that requires careful handling," says Formula One racing chief Ross Brawn, alongside Michael Schumacher, once technical director at Benetton and Ferrari involved in all seven World Cup titles for the record-breaking World Champion. In Monza Leclerc had denied the German in qualifying the slipstream. In Singapore, Vettel tactically maneuvered the Monegas, using a strategic advantage icy cold. In Sochi, an open dispute over the leadership position broke out via radio, which both claimed for themselves. Carefully, as Ferrari connoisseur Brawn recommends, Binotto actually treats the tensions. A clear commitment to a number one does not exist.Rotes luxury problem "It's a luxury, we have two fantastic drivers," said Binotto last. This luxury, however, cost many nerves – and even points. In Sochi Ferrari served the big rival Mercedes the victory on the silver platter, even if the technical failure of Vettel played a role. For the Scuderia, the rivalry also carries great risks. Anyway, Vettel is unlikely to put up with anything, after all, he has regained some courage after a difficult phase with a few mistakes at the latest since his victory in Singapore. "I would be lying if I said that it did not do any good. to believe that everything would be alright now, "he said. He tries to press the personal reset button before each race to be concentrated. The increasing tensions in the team duel can hardly be reset so easily.

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